ReBUILDetroit Scholars Work at D-Town Farm

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As part of their Summer Enrichment Program, cohort 2017 ReBUILDetroit scholars spent a day working at D-Town Farm, the largest urban farm in the United States.

The Farm occupies seven acres, growing more than 30 different fruits and vegetables on Detroit’s westside. Additionally, the Farm operates three hoop houses which extend the growing season, conducts large scale composting, maintains a habitat for bees, and utilizes rain water and solar power.

During their time on the Farm, scholars learned about the history of urban agriculture in Detroit and helped clear two fields for future crops.

"I want them to know, we put our hands, sweat, fears and our everything in this. We made a difference," said Kathleen Walker, ReBUILDetroit Student Success Coordinator at Detroit Mercy.

The D-Town Farm is operated by the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) to address food insecurities in the Black community and engage community members in the local food security movement.

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