CEC Faculty Attend 2017 NRMN KPM

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Madison, Wisconsin is a beautiful place in the summer and a great place for NRMN to hold its semi-annual Key Personnel Meeting (KPM). Prof. Steven Wallace and Dr. Lourdes Guerrero, two CEC faculty members from UCLA, joined about 40 other NRMN personnel at their June 14-16 meeting. An additional 20 members of the NRMN family (including two more CEC members) joined by phone.

The program on the first day involved a highly interactive set of breakouts and plenaries organized around the reconceptualization of NRMN from the grant-reporting structure (cores) to a functional structure (pillars: training, matching/linking, referring, and promoting). The CEC faculty, while there as observers, rolled up their sleeves and participated fully in a deliberative process aimed at clarifying and prioritizing NRMN activities. The results helped move NRMN's integration as a network forward and identified some new internal evaluation metrics. The CEC faculty also had a productive informal discussion over lunch with NRMN evaluation leaders about the constructs being used in the CEC's evaluation of the NRMN. Day two highlighted additional components of NRMN and NIGMS priorities. The side conversations, informal caucusing, and face to face relationship building among people from all the NRMN components were values added to this productive meeting.

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