DPC at SACNAS 2016

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Long Beach, CA – As part of its efforts to increase the footprint of the consortium at the national level and also broaden its collaboration with organizations such as SACNAS, the CEC hosted a mixer for students, faculty and staff of the various BUILD programs, NRMN and NIH at the 2016 SACNAS Conference. Building on the momentum generated from its own annual conference, this platform provided BUILD scholars, NRMN, CEC and NIH program staff a unique avenue to interact and share ideas.

The evening mixer, attended by over 80 participants, provided an opportunity for participating BUILD scholars to interact with their peers, hear from principal investigators from the DPC and project scientists from the NIH. The scholars, BUILD faculty and NRMN representatives also had an opportunity to share their thoughts on not just the importance of their various programs but also how the opportunity to be a BUILD scholar had given them a greater appreciation for research and solidified their conviction to become biomedical scholars.

The gathering also provided students an opportunity to share their experience as BUILD Scholars in an informal setting with Hannah Valantine, MD., Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity at NIH - who took time from her busy schedule at SACNAS to interact with and share some words of wisdom with the scholars.

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