*NEW* DPC Newsletter Publication Timeline

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Contact Info: communications@diversityprogramconsortium.org

As you know, the CEC developed a system that allows each site's Comm WG representative to directly submit newsletter content. We are happy to report this direct submission process has been very positively received by our contributors. As part of the CEC's ongoing efforts to strengthen newsletter content and collaboration within the consortium, the CEC communications team plans to institute a guest editorial portal effective January 2017. This upcoming portal will allow Comm WG representatives interested in volunteering as guest editors to review and enhance content for publication. We anticipate a test implementation phase of the editorial portal to occur during November and December 2016.

To incorporate all these positive developments a new timeline is being introduced for the Newsletter in anticipation for the new process. This new timeline is effective November 2016. We also hope these general enhancements will continue to improve our reader’s experience. The new timeline for publication is outlined below:


Publication Timeline for Newsletter (effective November 2016)

1st Tuesday of the month: 3 p.m. PST Deadline for content submission (previously 2nd Tuesday of the month)

3rd Tuesday of the month: Newsletter publication


A special THANK YOU to all members of the consortium-wide communication working group for their suggestions and willingness to be part of this process both as contributors and guest editors. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the testing of the editorial board portal, please email us at communications@diversityprogramconsortium.org.

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