UAF BLaST Scholar Edie Mari Helps Launch Future Ocean Podcast

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University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) BLaST scholar Edie Mari played an integral role in launching the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network’s (AOAN) Future Ocean Podcast as the organization’s Engagement Specialist. The podcast explores how putting a price on carbon emissions can impact ocean acidification and warming, and features experts such as marine scientists, economists and leaders in Alaska’s clean energy transition.  

Mari gave an interview that was published on the AOAN website in December 2021. 

“The ocean is a gathering place and I’ve always found community there,” Mari said in the interview. “Some folks are born of it, saltwater in the womb. Others are called to it from grassy plains and snow-dusted peaks. It sustains life, physically and spiritually, but you can only enter on its own terms.”

Read the full interview on the AOAN’s website.

Head shot of UAF BLaST scholar Edie Mari
Head shot of UAF BLaST scholar Edie Mari

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