NRMN Award Programs Happenings Heading into Fall 2016

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By now you’ve learned of the recent launch of the new MyNRMN networking application by the National Research Mentoring Network’s Supplement Award recipients at Fisk and Vanderbilt Universities. Take a glimpse into some of the exciting news arising out of NRMN’s other Supplement and Pilot Award Projects.


NRMN Committee on Institutional Cooperation Academic Network (NRMN-CAN), following on the heels of the recent Mentor Training Workshop held in Rosemont, IL this past June, Drs. Rick McGee, Christine Sorkness, Melissa McDaniels (Master Facilitator at Michigan State University), and Imogen Hurley (University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Office of Postdoctoral Studies) met with the NRMN-CAN team in Chicago on July, 26 to discuss planning for the project’s second year.

The next big upcoming event will be the 2nd Annual NRMN-CAN Professional Development and Grantwriting Conference. Learn more by visiting the University of Chicago’s NRMN-CAN project website.


The next Institute on Teaching and Mentoring has been slated to take place Oct. 27 to Oct. 30 at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa, Florida. Participants have been selected and invited to attend. This year’s Institute will feature a 1.5-hour mentor training workshop on October, 28 led by Drs. Earlise Ward and Pat Kokotaillo (NRMN Master Facilitators from University of Wisconsin-Madison).


Over 50 applications were received last month for participation in the Professional Mentoring Skill Enhancing Diversity (PROMISED) program. While fellowships are now filled for participation in this fall’s online training module cohort, space is still available and applications are welcome for participation in the two-day career coach training in Pittsburgh for mentors passionate about helping mentees drive their careers forward. We encourage you to share this information with anyone who may be interested.


Northeast Evidence-Based Mentor Training Consortium – NRMN’s Dr. Chris Sorkness, Emily Utzerath and Dr. Anne Marie Weber-Main led a Facilitator Training at Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY in May 2016 with 20 participants in attendance. Sorkness was recently joined by Dr. Kelly Diggs-Andrews of the American Society for Microbiology, one of NRMN’s Master Facilitators, in leading another Facilitator Training at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ in July 2016 for 30 participants. PI Dr. Hal Strelnick and his NRMN pilot award team have released an application for “mini-grants” of up to $1,500 for these 50 workshop participants to implement mentor training at their home institutions.


On October, 7 at the University of California San Francisco, the Mentoring Advisory Group in California (MAGIC), led by Dr. Mitchell Feldman, will be participating in one of a series of beta tests of the NRMN Mentor Training Core’s Culturally Aware Mentor (CAM) Training module developed and led by Drs. Sandra Quinn and Angela Byars-Winston.


The Cultivating Community Based Disparities Research Mentoring Fellowship NRMN pilot award project is gearing up for the second semester of its Scientific Communication course. PI Dr. Adán Colón-Carmona and his team are also planning mentor training workshops for summer and fall.

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