The DPC logo is almost here!

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The ESC met May 2nd to discuss the Comm WG logo votes. The ESC agreed to submit their vote to finalize the decision on which logo should be adopted by every site for the Consortium's branding. It's been a tight race between these two logos.

Option 1                                                                

Option 2

What are we doing with that logo again?

This logo should be adopted by sites to be included on posters, presentations, marketting materials, and other Consortium funded items.

Is the DPC logo supposed to replace our own logo?

Not at all. This is meant to be an added logo to more easily identify DPC items and/or affiliation.  What's "DPC"? See our Acronyms post in this edition! :)

When will this be final?

Votes from ESC are due May 20th. It has been a long process but we are aiming for a consensus logo that ensures that once a logo is selected, it's here to stay.

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