Missed a Working Group meeting? Not to worry, we gotcha!

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Effective May 2016, Working Group meetings will be recorded and made available to DPC Intranet users under the "Webinars" tab. We anticipate there will be at least 1 week delay between the meeting and posting. In the past the CEC had only made webinars available and recorded work group meetings only for minute taking purposes. Going forward, both will be made available. Because we are phasing into this new protocol, please expect May work group meetings to be posted the first week of June. After that it should take us about a week to edit and format the recording for easy access.

Where on the Intranet will these recordings be posted?

There is a "Webinar" tab at the top when you sign into the intranet page. Click there and voila!

Why a  week delay? The CEC wants to ensure that our video specialist makes sure only the main conversation is posted. No need for the "ding" for every GTM entry. Yes?

Will documents displayed during the meetings be made available? Yes. The CEC Working Group leads will continue to make relevant documents available over the Intranet.

Where on the Intranet will these documents live? 

Great question! Visit the Working Groups tab on our intranet page and look for the folder of the particular Working Group you are interested in. If you have any more questions always feel free to contact your CEC investigator Associate Lead and Administrative Specialist. They will gladly come to the rescue!

Excuse me, but I'm not an Intranet user. OR I'm not sure I have an account, how do I get one?

Glad you asked! If you do not have one or are unsure if you have an Intranet account, please contact your program manager to request access. Remember that Intranet access is only intended for program staff who should have access to Consortium documents and/or recordings. The Intranet is the Consortium's Collaborative Workspace and in the interest of access management, sites have the responsibilty to only grant access to individuals who should have it. Your program's manager will email a request to the CEC and copy you on it. The CEC will respond with instructions for you to access or reactivate your Intranet account.

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