Consortium-wide YFCY Launched!

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The CEC would like to congratulate BUILD sites for the successful launch of the 2016 Your First College Year Survey (YFCY). Offered by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI), the YFCY is the first national survey specifically designed to measure the academic and personal development of students over the first year of college. The survey helps colleges and universities identify the aspects of students’ first college year that encourage student learning, engagement, satisfaction, retention and success.

BUILD sites, intrigued by the opportunity to gather 1st year student data on persistence, adjustment, and engagement as well as comparative data from similar institutions across the nation, worked diligently to initiate the YFCY survey this spring.  Several sites also availed themselves of the opportunity to add additional items to the HERI survey including items on grit/persistent, micro-aggression, micro-affirmation, and stereotype threat among others. CEC will work with HERI in the coming months to develop webinars on findings across the NIH Diversity Consortium.

The Diversity Program Consortium Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA is supported by Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health / National Institutes of General Medical Sciences under award number U54GM119024.
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