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Greenberg N, Myers O, Lawrence E, Sood A. Factors Related to Faculty Work Life Balance as a Reason to Leave a School of Medicine. The Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching. 2021 December; 5(14):353 - 359. NIHMSID: NIHMS1763593.

Soller B, Dominguez N, Sood A, Mickel N, Myers O, Tigges B, Wiskur B, Helitzer D, Morales D. Developmental Networks Among Mentors and Mentees Involved in a Mentoring Intervention. The Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching. 2021 December; 5(14):375 - 382. NIHMSID: NIHMS1763609.

Sood A, Myers O, Tigges B, Dominguez N, Helitzer D. Faculty Rating of the Importance and Availability of Organizational Mentoring Climate. The Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching. 2021 December; 5(14):383 - 389. NIHMSID: NIHMS1763646.

Mubasher, M., Lawson, K., Pemu, P., Pearson, T., Engler, J., Baez, A., Stiles, J. K., Salazar, M. S., Caplan, L. S., Green, K., Hall, M., Idris, M. Y., Alema-Mensah, E., Strekalova, Y., Thompson, W. E., Quarshie, A., & Ofili, E. (2021). Randomized Controlled Study to Test the Effectiveness of Developmental Network Coaching in the Career Advancement of Diverse Early-Stage Investigators (ESIs): Implementation Challenges and Lessons Learned. International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(22), 12003.

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