Communications Working Group

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This month’s webinar, titled “2015 DPC Annual Meeting Findings and Next Steps”, was presented by Nancy E. Calderón, MPH and Nicole MacCalla, PhD from the CEC. The recording will be available here. The next webinar will be held April 8th. The Communication Working Group (Comm WG) will also be hosting short presentations on each site’s communication strategy during their monthly meeting from April to June. Those presentations will also be recorded and made available here. Please make sure you contact your site’s Communication Specialist/Comm WG representative to make sure your site’s presentation features all the exciting activity plans you have related to communication, branding, recruitment/outreach and innovative activities. If you have news you would like to highlight as part of your site’s updates or share events, please communicate them to your Comm WG representative so they can be featured in the newsletter. We are very excited to jazz up our newsletter with your ideas and fun content! 

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