Q&A with DPC mentors

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Contact Info: ehoh@mednet.ucla.edu

For National Mentoring Month in January 2021, we asked DPC mentors to respond to a brief questionnaire. The responses to these Q&As help showcase the important work mentors do every day, and highlights their creativity and dedication in revising their mentoring practices in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Get acquainted with some of the mentors who work with the DPC.

Alvin Holder

Annica Wayman

Eleanor Palser

Elliott Hammer

Haysetta Shuler

Joseph Chaney

Katherine M. Serafine

Krystle Cobian

Patricia Cristine Heyne

Sunil Sirohi

Suresh G. Joshi

Theresa A. Allison

Thomas Huckaba

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