XULA alumni feature: Myles Bartholomew

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By Regi Reyes

Myles Bartholomew, a 2020 graduate from Xavier University of New Orleans and XULA BUILD Project Pathways alumnus, was featured as a panelist during a discussion about the sometimes jarring transition from a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) to a Primarily White Institution (PWI). The Stanford Biosciences Office of Graduate Education sponsored the event, which was designed to engage in a conversation about social belonging. It is an opportunity for the alumni panelists to discuss the transition. 

Beyond the panelists, an expert researcher is also slated to be featured to discuss the importance of a “sense of belonging” in higher education. Bartholomew, who earned his undergraduate degree in biology while at Xavier, was very excited to participate in the conversation. Originally from Houston, Texas, Bartholomew has participated in similar panels in the past.

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