American Chemical Society recognizes XULA Project Pathways mentor and university's chemistry department

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By Regi Reyes

Dr. Foroozesh, XULA, with
mentee Camilla Do

Recently, the American Chemical Society (ACS) interviewed Maryam Foroozesh, Ph.D., the XULA BUILD Project Pathways Principal Investigator and director of the Administrative and Research Enrichment Cores. Foroozesh is a Margaret W. Kelly Endowed Professor in Chemistry at Xavier, and she acts as a mentor for the BUILD program on Xavier’s campus. Foroozesh has also served as the chairperson for the department of chemistry for nearly nine years.

Xavier’s core mission is to contribute to the promotion of a more just and humane society by preparing students for leadership roles in a global society. Foroozesh recognizes the important role that  mentoring students plays within this mission.

Foroozesh told ACS, “We train students for leadership roles and provide them with service opportunities through peer mentoring, tutoring, the ACS student chapter and more.”

Link to the full article on the ACS website.

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