CEC Technical Report: Evaluation of Post-secondary Student Outcomes: Underrepresented (URG) and Well-Represented (WRG) Group Variable Construction

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The purpose of this technical report is to describe coding procedures for well represented (WRG) and underrepresented (URG) groups of students in the Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) Enhance Diversity Study and subsequent consortium-wide analyses.

The DPC is determining the effectiveness of innovative approaches to engage individuals from diverse backgrounds and help them prepare for and succeed in biomedical research careers. The DPC supports transformative approaches to student engagement, research training, mentoring, faculty development, and infrastructure development. The Enhance Diversity study is the evaluation of the DPC initiative and is guided by the Consortium-wide Evaluation Plan (CWEP). Consortium-wide data (CWEP data) come from surveys and institutional data. A combination of surveys are used to provide measurement of specific indicators important to the evaluation and to provide national comparisons to those in the study. One set of surveys are those conducted by the Higher Educational Research Institute (HERI) and include The Freshman Survey (HERI - TFS) and the College Senior Survey (HERI - CSS), two national surveys of undergraduates at a broad set of institutions.

The DPC’s Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC) administers surveys to students at Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) institutions (2015-current) and National Research Mentoring Program (NRMN) participants (2015-2019). They include an annual student follow-up survey (CEC - SAFS) and the NRMN mentee survey. Other student data sources include institutional records (IR data) and BUILD participation records (Tracker data), both available from BUILD institutions. The July 2019 Evaluation Implementation Working Group (EIWG) meeting helped identify the need to develop clear guidance on the construction of WRG and URG student groups for analyses involving the Enhance Diversity Study data.

For more technical reports, visit the DPC CEC publication page.

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