Project Pathways Alumna Featured on Honduran National News

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By Regi Reyes

At the beginning of July, XULA BUILD Project Pathways alumna Edelmy Marin was interviewed by Abriendo Brecha TV as part of their highlight segment featuring talented Honduran nationals located around the world.

Marin graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a B.S. in chemistry in 2019 and was a BUILD technician for the 2019-2020 cohort. As a member of the lab of Lemartine Meda, Ph.D., she took part in research for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)-funded lithium battery project. She attributes Meda, who is also her mentor, with developing her skills as a chemist and researcher. She credits Meda with building her confidence, not just in chemistry, but also in her everyday life.

The interview with Abriendo Brecha, conducted in Spanish, asked Marin to expand on her journey of excellence and how her culture as a Honduran has influenced her. She recounted how her experiences at Xavier led her to work with NASA researching “High Voltage Manganese Oxyfluoride Electrode for Application in Lithium-ion Batteries.” She is particularly drawn to inorganic chemistry subjects and research.

While at Xavier, Marin has given multiple presentations of her research at local and national conferences and even conducted research in France. She has also acted as a mentor to students in Meda’s lab. Recently, she had her second scientific publication released. To read the work published by her and her team, visit

Marin has been offered scholarships for multiple graduate programs and has decided to attend Stony Brook University in New York in the fall as part of their Ph.D. program in chemistry.

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