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This article is from MyNRMN Enhancements and Highlights

By Katie Stinson

New Feature:  My Group Metrics

Within MyNRMN, one of the most popular features is My Groups, and with good reason! This feature allows members to network based on shared interests, involvement with societies/organizations, alumni associations, and so much more.  Anybody can start a group and they have been especially popular for organizations to engage with their members, host virtual meetings, and disseminate information. Several of these organizations asked if they can see the analytics involving their group’s virtual activities so that A) they can better engage with their group, and B) for reporting purposes if their group is affiliated with an institution, grant, or other funding agency. Well, they asked and we listened! Now, whenever a new My Group is created, there is a link to Group Metrics at the top of the screen. These metrics display aggregate totals for the number of members in the group, comments, virtual meetings, and more! Create a new group to check out this feature.

New Feature:  My Publications

Our goal within NRMN is to provide our users with the tools and resources they need to get from one education/career stage to the next. A recent development from many funding agencies is the requirement of an ORCiD ID, and we want to help! The newest feature within MyNRMN is My Publications. This feature enables you to link your ORCiD ID to your MyNRMN profile.  If you don’t have an ORCiD ID, you can use this opportunity to create one (and don’t worry, just like joining NRMN, an ORCiD ID is free!). Once your ORCiD ID is synced to your My Publications, it will load in any publications cited within your ORCiD ID profile.  If there are additional publications not listed in your ORCiD ID profile, MyNRMN provides the option to download these from PubMed. Plus, there’s a bonus within this feature – once your publications are synced to your profile, they are searchable by keyword using the MyNRMN Search!

HIGHLIGHT:  Ask a Mentor

Most communication within MyNRMN either reaches one person at a time (such as the Request Mentoring button) or those that you’re specifically connected to either independently or through a group. However, the Ask a Mentor feature enables you to engage with the entire MyNRMN community as a whole to ask questions, receive assistance, or even to request information. Once a question is posted, the entire MyNRMN community can access, answer, and even start a discussion surrounding that topic. This a great space to ask for general advice, help with a project, or to learn more about a potential future career. Ask a Mentor is open to all MyNRMN members, so everyone can receive and provide feedback.

Returning Feature:  MyMentor Certificates

The certifications for completing a guided virtual mentoring connection are back! Our MyMentor feature is for those looking to engage in a long-term mentoring connection focused on tapping into their personal aspects to grow within their education and/or career. These connections are typically 4-5 months in duration and require dedication from both the mentee and mentor. We know that each mentoring partner gains confidence, self-efficacy, new perspectives, etc., from these connections. However, we also want to recognize each partner for putting in the time and effort toward your own self-improvement while also helping someone else with their personal improvement. We are so proud of our mentees and mentors and we hope that each of you will share your MyMentor Certificate in your MyNRMN newsfeed!

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