#MyBUILDresearch Celebrates Science and Diversity Across the Consortium

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Contact Info: hansook.oh@csun.edu

On April 25, 2019, the Diversity Program Consortium came together to celebrate scientific diversity and student, and faculty research. Communications specialists, mentors, students and faculty from across the DPC posted on social media about the role of research in their lives and their growth as scientists. When they were posting, participants were asked to think about what excites them most about doing research, and how their research can make a positive impact in the world or in their communities.

The campaign acknowledged that for some BUILD trainees and for mentees, taking on the title of ‘scientist’ might feel foreign or awkward, especially when they are first starting out in research. However, by focusing on their hard work and dedication, BUILD trainees showed how they regularly engage in science and research in all kinds of disciplines. Trainees were also asked to share about how their idea of what it means to be a scientist may have changed since their involvement in BUILD.

Participants in the social media campaign used the hashtags #myBUILDresearch and #ImaScientist. Check out our flickr album to view some examples of posts from the campaign.

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