Texas Center for Health Disparities Hosts 14th Annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities

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Contact Info: alexis.short@unthsc.edu

The Texas Center for Health Disparities, at UNT Health Science Center hosted its 14th Annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities June 6-7, 2019. Conference participants & presenters included clinicians, health policy makers, researchers, health educators, public and community health leaders, and students whose work incorporates the use of multidisciplinary partnerships that build collaborations to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity. The conference featured nationally renowned speakers and will highlight evidence-based clinical, community and policy approaches to improving maternal and child health across the United States.

This year's focus was on Social Epigenomics & Health Disparities; Evidence based approaches that identify mechanisms by which social experiences at various stages in life, both positive and negative, affect gene function and thereby influence health in racial/ethnic minority and health disparity populations.

Visit the Texas Center for Health Disparities website for more information.

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