Morgan State University Receives "High Research" Classification

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The ASCEND program, one of the 10 BUILD sites, is located at Morgan State University (MSU). In early 2019, the Carnegie Classification of Insititutions of Higher Education moved MSU from a research classification of R3 to R2, a status reserved for doctoral universities with high research activity. MSU joins only 130 other universities nationwide to be given an R2 classification. 

“The elevation to R2 ranking is exciting news for Morgan as we continue to advance in our research mission, further demonstrating our value as a hub for innovative research, critical study and development of solutions to the toughest problems of our community,” said President Wilson. “We announced this reclassification as a major goal within our Strategic Plan, and I thank our dedicated faculty, administrators and graduate students for achieving it, by securing funding to conduct unprecedented levels of research at our university.”

Read more from the article and about MSU's research activities leading up to this elevated ranking:

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