Recent Publication: "The Research, Advising, and Mentoring Professional: A Unique Approach to Supporting Underrepresented Students in Biomedical Research"

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Title: The Research, Advising, and Mentoring Professional: a Unique Approach to Supporting Underrepresented Students in Biomedical Research

Published in Innovative Higher Education, Jan. 2, 2019


Abstract: As a pilot intervention strategy to support undergraduate students, especially rural and Alaska Native students who are pursuing biomedical science research and career trajectories, we have developed a unique, mid-level Research, Advising, and Mentoring Professional (RAMP) position. In this article we outline the reasons for creating this position, RAMP qualifications, training, duties, and differences between RAMP and other positions typically found in higher education. Additionally, we discuss the evolution of the position and why it may be of interest to other institutions as they address similar issues involving students from underrepresented groups. Preliminary survey and focus group data from students mentored directly by RAMPs indicated that the holistic advising approach of RAMPs has had a positive impact on student experiences by supporting persistence in degree programs and providing psychosocial support of both personal and professional development.

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