Recent Publication: "Democratizing Discovery Health with N=Me"

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Democratizing Discovery Health with N=Me




Health 360x is a mobile health application and social platform that integrates self-monitoring and decision support for preventive health. We studied 240 diabetic patients in primary care practices and a church community in metropolitan Atlanta. Health coaches were trained on the Health 360x curriculum, which was adapted from the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Participants worked with the health coaches to set goals for diabetes self-management. The intervention included weekly coaching for 12 weeks and online peer networking. Outcome variables included blood pressure, physical activity, and blood glucose that showed significant improvement at 12 weeks and 12 months compared to baseline. Focus group testing revealed that references for empowerment and engagement were associated with positive clinical outcomes. Barriers to adoption and use of the technology were inability to use the internet and concern about privacy and security of health data. Future efforts will integrate a multidisciplinary training dashboard with considerable attention to education on security features including data encryption and sign-on verification.


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