Undergraduates Share Their Summer Research at the 3rd Annual BUILDing SCHOLARS Research Symposium

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Contact Info: jpgarza@utep.edu

The 3rd Annual BUILDing SCHOLARS Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on the last Saturday of September at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). The symposium was an opportunity for students to exhibit the research they conducted over the prior summer as visiting researchers in laboratories across the country. Although the majority of presenters were BUILD Scholars, the symposium was open to any undergraduate conducting biomedical research. A significant number of additional presenters were recent participants in the BUILDing SCHOLARS Summer Research Program, representing a variety of schools from the west Texas and New Mexico region, including UTEP, New Mexico State University, and New Mexico Tech, among others. Together, over 90 students presented research that spanned eight subcategories from addiction and cancer to translational biomedicine.


The symposium represents a homecoming for many students as they return from their summer activities in other labs and universities. It is a chance to share the results of their hard work with their BUILD peers, mentors, friends, and family. For some, the summer was their first experience researching in another lab and the symposium their first opportunity to demonstrate newly acquired technical and presentation skills.


A panel of faculty mentors, post-docs, and graduate students judged each poster and presenter with an innovative judging app that automatically compiled and uploaded scores from a multi-item rubric. Students were judged primarily on their presentation and communication skills, in addition to the quality of their scientific work. Eleven individuals received first and second place awards across the eight subcategories for their clear, effective and enthusiastic explanation of their research. The first place winners are listed below.


Montserrat C. Garcia Arreguin