BUILDing SCHOLARS Contributions to Undergraduate Research Highlighted in UTEP Magazine

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Improving undergraduate access to meaningful research experiences is a central strategy for plans at the University of Texas at El Paso to develop its research program and climb the ranks of top tier research universities. UTEP is uniquely positioned to serve a highly diverse, predominantly Hispanic community that is broadly underrepresented in STEM and biomedical fields.

BUILDing SCHOLARS plays an important role in the university’s initiative to grow as a research institution, with a particular focus on the diverse undergraduate population enrolled there. UTEP’s research trajectory and the key contribution of BUILD to its undergraduate research programs are explored further in this recent article featured in UTEP magazine. Visit the UTEP Magazine webiste to read the UTEP Magazine article, "Above and Beyond."














Above: UTEP BUILDING SCHOLARS class of 2018 toss their hats in celebration; New 2018 incoming BUILDING SCHOLARS cohort.