NRMN Welcomes Summer Student Programs with MyMentor Virtual Mentoring

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By Katie Stinson

The National Research Mentoring Network’s guided virtual mentoring platform, MyMentor, launched on January 22, 2018 and has been helping mentors and mentees strengthen their education and careers. While the NRMN anticipated a decline in mentoring connections over the summer, they instead experienced a boost thanks to several academic coordinators who sought a way to enhance their summer programs through mentoring.

Most undergraduate summer programs provide their students with an on-campus mentor. However, a multi-faceted mentoring approach yields the best results for students, especially in the undergraduate level. This summer, NRMN has worked with students from the following programs:

Pairing students with an on-campus mentor during their summer program can quickly build a level of comfort in a new environment. However, maintaining mentorship once the summer program ends may be difficult. The student and mentor might try to keep in touch via phone calls or emails, but if that communication practice wasn’t implemented during the summer, it likely won’t continue for very long into the new academic year.

The MyMentor platform helps address this problem and give mentors and mentees a tool to continue fostering their relationship. Because the communication channel is predominately virtual, it can easily find a place in even the busiest of schedules. MyMentor connections begin with a four-month duration, but can be customized to the length desired by the mentor and mentee. Mentoring connections established in the beginning of the summer programs will continue to thrive through the start of the new semester, building the foundation for lifelong support and growth.

*The MyMentor platform not only helps individuals to connect,  it can also cater to the needs of specific groups and organizations. The multifaceted platform can be curated exclusively for any NRMN partners. Organizations or individuals seeking more information about MyMentor can contact Katie Stinson at

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