Alaska Native UAF BLaST Scholars Present at Statewide Alaska Native Studies Conference – April 2018

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By Amy Topkok

Three BLaST Scholars, Christina Edwin, Diloola Erickson, and Sarah Maupin, shared their perspectives as female Alaska Native researchers with other faculty, students, staff, and the general public at the Alaska Native Studies 2018 Conference held in Juneau, Alaska, April 13 and 14, 2018. May 2018 graduates Edwin and Erickson (both Athabascan), collaborated with junior-level college undergraduate Sarah Maupin (Iñupiaq). The three women shared their views on being scientists in a field dominated by men as they continue their progress in the biomedical fields. Further discussion also brought out how, as Alaska Native women, they found ways to incorporate their personal interests in Alaskan health and environmental issues as well as involve some aspects of Alaska Native village life into their research. Their mentor, College of Rural and Community Development faculty Charlene Stern (Athabascan), facilitated questions during the panel discussion and also shared her views of the three young women’s drive and passion in their academic and personal lives. Attendance at the ANS Conference reached over 200 people.

Take-away points from the session included: find your own voice; be confident in trusting others in your journey to reaching your goals; and find colleagues to add to your support network to help you succeed.

At the 2018 Alaska Native Studies Conference BLaST Scholars (l to r): Diloola Erickson, Christina Edwin and Sarah Maupin presented, “Young Indigenous women in research” with their faculty Charlene Stern (Department of Alaska Native Studies & Rural Development - College of Rural & Community Development), Juneau, Alaska, from April 13 to 14, 2018.

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