Virtual Reality Fitness: A Rural Alaskan Health Examination

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Virtual Reality and Fitness: Josh Lupinek, a faculty at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) School of Management, is working with current BLaST Research Advising and Mentoring Professionals (RAMPS) and partner campuses that include University of Alaska Nome – UAF Northwest Campus, Utqiagvik – Ilisagvik Tribal College, and Dillingham – UAF Bristol Bay Rural Campus from November 2017 to May 2018. He will present a virtual reality (VR) fitness research demonstration that will introduce the kinesiology side of One Health and how it can be “fun”. An open lab after the presentation will allow attendees to experience the VR fitness technology equipment. This initiative will serve also as outreach for future grant proposals offering community buy-in, participant recruitment, and encourage future rural student researchers to think outside the box of traditional biomedical research in Alaska. Josh states, “Ideally, this will spark interest for some to attend UAF one day or be a part of this line of rural public health research.” Josh Lupinek has a Faculty Pilot Project entitled “Virtual Reality Fitness: A Rural Alaskan Health Examination” with the BLaST program.


Photo credit: JR Ancheta,UAF photographer, Sept. 2017.

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