Dr. Teresa Seeman’s Many Hats: Professor of Geriatrics & Epidemiology, Dedicated Mentor, Endowed Chair, World Traveler, and Marathon Runner

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Dr. Teresa Seeman exemplifies leadership and professional qualities any mentee appreciates. Dr. Seeman trained as an epidemiologist at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed her post-doctoral training in neuroendocrinology while an Assistant Professor at Yale University. Her research interest is focused on the social factors (including socio-economic status and social relationships), psychological factors and behavioral factors that lead to aging. Her research has investigated the biological pathways through which such factors impact the health outcomes of the aging population and has resulted in multiple published original articles connecting the link between allostatic load and subsequent health risks. Continuing her interest in studying factors affecting aging, she has recently shifted her interested towards research on the development and implementation of an intergenerational program designed to improve outcomes for older adults, while simultaneously targeting younger generations for improved outcomes as well.


In addition to her involvement at the Coordination and Evaluation Center, Dr. Seeman co-leads the LA Generation Xchange program, a demonstration project which bridges multiple generations by placing older volunteers into K-3rd grade elementary school classrooms to help students improve reading and math skills. The benefit of the program is two-fold, not only do the students receive additional support to improve their educational outcomes, but the older adults benefit tremendously from the exchange by gaining a stronger sense of purpose and contribution as well as the benefits of greater physical, cognitive and social activity.



Dr. Seeman mentors at least a few graduate students or post-doctoral fellows each year. Many of her mentees are now enjoying successful academic careers.


More recently, Dr. Seeman has been honored and recognized for her outstanding research, teaching, and service to the UCLA. She has been appointed Elizabeth R. and Thomas E. Plott Chair in Gerontology.



Dr. Teresa Seeman is someone who makes the most of each and every day. Her appreciation for health is further exemplified by her personal commitment to physical activity and travel. Dr. Seeman trains and runs marathons; nine so far to be exact. Dr. Seeman also enjoys cultural immersion experiences. She has traveled to many countries including Africa and Bhutan. When asked about her motivation, she credits her dad, who also has had an accomplished career as a professor and university administrator, and who celebrated his 100th birthday this year!

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